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Keys To Unlocking The Supernatural By Bishop David Oyedepo  



KEYS To Unlocking The Supernatural

3) The Holy Spirit Joel 2:28; Luke 4: 14

Holy Ghost is the master custodian of the supernatural

The Holy Ghost is God's free offer after salvation to establish our supernatural status


How Does The Holy Spirit Empower Us To Unlock The Supernatural

Exo 4:17

i) 1Cor 2:10 - It gives us access to deep things of God -John 14:26

ii) The Holy Ghost embolden the believer to command the supernatural Act14:3, Act4:13

You cannot command the supernatural beyond your level of boldness empowered by Holy Ghost

iii) The Holy Ghost speaks through us the unspeakable and unthinkable Act 4:19-20

Supernatural utterances are part of the feature of the Holy Ghost Act 13:10-11 & 19 which always deliver effect once uttered


4) The key of Spoken Word John 3:8; Rom 10:10

We command signs by making sounds. Our spoken words impact unlocking the supernatural. 

Isaiah 2:1 March 22nd 1982 - I saw and said I can never be poor

To be soundless is to be sign-less. Mark 11, Act 14:3

Psalm 81:13-14 It is what comes out of our mouth that determines what happens around us

Luke 21:15 

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