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Local Oven: Don't Buy Local Oven For Baking Cake Until You READ/WATCH This -Foskaay Foods  



Five Things To Watch Out For When Buying Your Local Oven are listed and explained in a video below based on my first-hand experience using my first local oven as a baker:

1) It must have 2,3,4 or more steps and also be spacious enough to carry your cakes


2) The heat must have a separate space and also have its own door


3) There is always a demarcation between the steps of the steps that carry the cakes and where the heat is coming from 


4) There must be a strong metal that must have been pears with little, little holes which demarcate the heat from the steps that carry the cakes and  this metal helps and prevent the cakes from burning 


5) It must have the space of both the charcoal and the gas


Watch Local Oven Video below:

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Thanks for this helpful guide @omoseyi

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free cake making cake decoration classes courses images foskaayfoods


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